Numerology/Tarot Sessions with Mary

Private Numerology Sessions with Mary

The combination of Numerology and Tarot work together to bring clarity and understanding to the client and their questions. The Numerology is based on ones birth numbers. The numerology session can be helpful when trying to understand yourself or anothers' motives.  It can give you an objective view of a situation or person. If the client wants to dive deeper into a specific question or concern the Tarot cards will be used to examine a larger picture of the question at hand. You can schedule either a Tarot or Numerology reading separately or the two together.

Consult Fee:

$54 for 30 minutes

$108 for an Hour

Client statements –

 Jane B. Her numerology readings are spot on.

Terry Anne D. Mary is very intuitive and healing. 

To schedule an appointment with Mary please call