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Enjoy having your own private chef prepare meals for you for the weekend or the week.  Cooking Ayurvedically can make every meal a tasty healing  choice. Menus can be developed to balance each Dosha or constitution for the members of the family.

Contact Mary for menus, fees and availability. mysoremary@gmail.com



THERAPIES: one therapy included in consultation;

*IMG_4019JANU BASTI: Knee oil therapy, a one hour session includes a brief consultation, application of a dough dam with warm oil poured on  the area of pain or discomfort, massage of the area and heat or sudation.  Indications: Osteo-arthritus, Sciatica, muscular rigidity around knee joint, degenerative bony changes, localized pain, difficulty in walking, Rejuvenates the health of the knee, post-surgical management in case of ligament tear and fractures.


IMG_3999    KATI BASTI: Lower back oil therapy:  a one hour session includes a brief consultation, application of dough dam with warm oil poured on the area of pain or discomfort.  Area is massaged and moist heat is applied. Indications: Lumbago (low back pain), Sciatica, Inter-vertebral disc prolapse (slipped disc), muscular rigidity, age related bony changes, localized pain, cramps, rejuvenations for healthy joints.


GREEVA BASTI: Neck oil therapy. Warm Oil is applied to the cervical area and neck with a dough dam. The area is massaged and then moist heat is applied. Indications for Treatment: Neck pain or stiffness, shoulder pain, Thoracic Spondylosis ( spine arthritis).IMG_4054

Therapies can be done at your home or we have locations in Philadelphia and Baltimore  details to follow or call 267-252-2389




Ayurveda consultations are used to create balance in a changing world. The philosophy of Ayurveda is rooted in the ancient texts of India.  The basis of which is ‘as above so below’.  In essence that the structure of the universe is the same as the structure in each one of us.  The philosophy is intricately woven in the 5 elements of Ether, Air, Water, Fire and Earth.  Each person is a combination of all of these elements and Ayurveda has tools and techniques to discover how to create balance for each individual ‘constitution’.

The types of constitutions have been divided into 3, Vata (wind/air) Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water/earth).  Once a persons constitution is diagnosed it gives us a way to approach balance for the individual.

We will discuss aromatherapy, lifestyle habits, daily routines to add or take away, herbs and dietary changes as well as yoga practices/postures to create balance and harmony in your life.

*Oil Therapy plus a consultation is $150 and takes about 1.5 hours.  Repetition allows the healing to absorb more deeply into the tissue. Up to 8 consecutive therapies are recommended. Each subsequent therapy: 1-4 therapies @ $75 each and 5-8therapies @ $50 each (sliding scale if needed)

*Consultation only consists of constitution assessment, tongue assessment, examination of life-style and suggestion of how to create balance and healing with Ayurveda such as herbs, food choices, oils, cleanses and aromatherapy. $125

To schedule an appointment please call Mary 267-252-2389


A fall cleanse is a wonderful way to detox and remove inflammation and heat accumulated during the summer months. In this course you will learn how to use foods, oils, and herbs to remove unwanted toxins and waste in the body. A Kitchari cleanse is a nutritious, whole food based diet that is adjusted to suit your unique constitution. Ayurveda uses diet, herbs and life-style adjustments to balance, rejuvenate and heal.

Workshop includes: A demonstration of how to make Kitchari, understanding your basic constitution and information on the many ways of healing and cleansing with Ayurveda.

COST: $54 for the workshop; Include a 1.5 hour consultation and get the discounted rate of $150.
Email me or call for dates and details: mysoremary@gmail.com or 267-252-2389





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