Peach Pie Yoga

I am baking a pie. Lately, besides Asana my tools for Yoga practice have been making things. In the fall I get a hankering to make pies. One summer I traveled for 2 weeks in late august visiting people on the east coast and baking pies for them. It was a great trip! Today I start mixing the fruits and I realize that every thought I am having is being absorbed into the pie. The work of Masaro Emoto ( ) is a clear example of how thoughts create a certain type of crystallization in water. Certainly the thoughts we are having while making a peach pie will reflect the molecules in the pie. With this in mind I put on some music that uplifts me. Many times it is Yoga chants and music but it can also be music that I love. And then similarly as I do when I focus my attention on Yoga or painting I bring this awareness and attention to my pie! Full attention and awareness with out judgement equates LOVE. Not the possessive passionate love we feel for one another, although it is part of that. That has a different spin and is a wonderful thing, but this LOVE comes from being present and receptive to what it is you are focusing on. Whether it is a person who you are listening to or a pie that you are making. I took one of my blueberry and peach pies to a party last week and everyone was asking what was in it and I replied “ I made it with LOVE” , (I actually stole that line from ‘Like Water For Chocolate’, a very passionate movie about cooking and love).
This kind of Yoga practice is not the deep kind of quality one can get while sitting in meditation or practicing breathing exercises, but it is a way to ‘still the mind’ (Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha)
This is the second quote from the ‘bible’ of sorts for the Yoga practice. The next verse goes on to explain that with this quieting or cessating of the mind one can experience the vastness of our consciousness. For me that takes a quiet seat in meditation or in nature walks, but this conscious listening of sorts helps me to bring more love and acceptance into my world. With a tool like a creative practice or an asana practice we can make the molecules more beautiful in the world and perhaps make someone else’s meditation a little easier to step into as the quality of happiness and love expand throughout the neighborhood and ultimately the universe!
Happy Pie making!

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