Monthly Archives: August 2014

I am Loved/ We are loved

Upon waking in the morning instead of giving into the voices that are constantly tugging away at our energy think to yourself “I am Loved”.  All the way until you brush your teeth.  As the day goes on and you find yourself thinking some anxious thought about someone or something that distresses you fill the space with “I am Loved”  or try “We are Loved”.  Both are good and have different sensations.  “I am Loved”  Fills you from the inside out and “We are Loved”  fills you from the outside in.  The more you feel ‘love’ inside the more you can share and give.  Try it!


Creating Love

When we create and develop an artistic language whether it is a yoga flow or painting or music, we are using that medium to dive into a flow of creativity and ‘love’.  We usually need some sort of vehicle to access this creative potential. Once the language of our craft is developed we are able to access our creative space. It is like our surfboard on the waves of ‘love’. This love is always everywhere, but is sometimes easy to miss. Listen deeply, watch closely and observe fully.  Once it is established you will no longer need the tool.  The flow is always there.  If you are not an artist you can use the arts as your vehicle. Experience the awe in watching an Olympic game, Look closely to paintings and the language in the markings and flow of color and light. Read poems with time to reflect and absorb, listen deeply to the music that you love. This love is in every breath you take. Feel it, experience it.